An animated bit from D.J.’s second stand up album, ‘Uninterpreted’. Listen to "Uninterpreted" here:

D.J. Demers: Interpreted is available on Crave, only in Canada.

Comedian D.J. Demers shines a light on life in L.A., big words, disability porn, and getting haircuts while deaf. Available in two versions, one complete with closed-captioning subtitles and an onstage American Sign Language interpreter, Demers raises the standard of accessible comedy in this one-hour stand-up special.

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Stand-up comedian D.J. Demers jokes about his life with hearing aids, the impending doom of turning thirty years old, and the perils of performing on cruise ships. Filmed live in Toronto, Canada.

D.J. Demers on Conan (2017)

D.J. Demers performs on Conan O'Brien (2014)

Highlights from the D.J. Demers Show, which aired on AMI-tv in Canada in 2014

D.J. performs on America's Got Talent in 2016